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Petly Health Plans are Here!

Talk to us about an affordable monthly payment to cover the costs of regular preventive medical care.

Petly Health Plans are Here!

Talk to us about an affordable monthly payment to cover the costs of regular preventive medical care.

All too often the scenario comes up when owners are no longer able to care for their pets: a personal illness, a family crisis, finances, or a move. Most owners will try and find their pet a new home before turning to the help of local shelters and the SPCA. However, these facilities are often stretched to the ends of their resources and have to refuse animals. This leaves owners with two options: abandonment, where the pet is left to the dangers of the world, or humane euthanasia. Euthanasia may be the best choice for pets that are debilitated or may have developed problem behaviors, but for those pets that are healthy, and have their whole lives ahead of them, it is a moral dilemma. A dilemma that weighs painfully on the hearts of the veterinary team that has to perform the task. If one were to ask any animal hospital staff member about their own pets at home chances are they are a rescue story.

Some rescue stories come into the clinic originally not as a euthanasia, but as an ill or injured pet. Treatment can be expensive and money can be the deciding factor in life or death of a beloved pet. A few of our staff members recognized this and created the Bridge Fund in an effort to try and bridge the gap between sick animals and their owner’s pocket books. The fund was recently renamed the Gloria Fraser Memorial Fund for Unprivileged Pets in memory of a client, friend, and animal lover.

January’s Pet of the Month is just one of the many rescue stories that has taken place at Riverside Small Animal Hospital over the last year.

A very upset client brought us one, little, black, female cat one of a large number of feral cats living in his area. She was very friendly and had reared at least one litter already and was pregnant again. None of the charity organizations was able to help him so in order to help limit the population numbers in the area he brought her in to be euthanized. When she arrived one of our doctors took a look at her and came to the conclusion that the cat was going into labor. The doctor decided to take her home and that night she gave birth to five little black kittens. Each of the kittens found new homes and the mother cat, now named Snap is continuing to live with the doctor that rescued her that day. Two the new owners of the kittens have shared with us how they are doing in their new homes. 

Mr. Fox

My new kitten Mr. Fox couldn’t have been a better fit! He is happy with his new best friend Stevie. They are inseparable and when I get home after work to take Stevie from her kennel he is patiently waiting to get his slobbery kisses. He is by far the most snugly, social cat with a great personality.

Thanks for giving me the perfect opportunity to add an addition into our family.  



Midnite is very happy, playful kitty. We are thankful to have him. He has lots of energy. He has the cutest little meow if anything comes out at all. He loves his toys. His older brother Charles is still adjusting. Thank you!



The Gloria Fraser Fund exists to help defray the costs of treating unowned and stray pets that need (sometimes complex) veterinary care so that euthanasia can be avoided. Please consider donating.

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