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Riverside Small Animal Hospital

Affordable Preventative Care for Your Kitten or Puppy!

There's an easier way to make sure your pets get all the health care they need at Riverside Small Animal Hospital!

We can spread your preventative care costs out in 12 affordable payments. And there are other perks too. Ask us about Petly Plans today!

Service GuideBronzeSilver
Consultation with vaccines (up to 3)
$30 Examination copay (unlimited)
Routine nail trims (unlimited)
Core vaccine series (administered based on age, breed & risk)
FeLV/FIV test (kittens)
Basic deworming (kittens up to 3, puppies up to 6)
Pre-anesthetic blood panel (includes urinalysis and fecal)
Lab sample collection
Routine spay or neuter surgery package
Post operative pain medication
Buster collar
Membership fees and discounts (all fees below include GST)BronzeSilver
Initial Membership Fee$104.95$104.95
Multi-Pet Discount (initial membership fee)-$15.00-$15.00
Monthly Payment KittensCall today for pricing!
Monthly Payment PuppiesCall today for pricing!
Additional Discounts (eligible non-wellness plan items)5%10%
Average savings per year*$70.00$185.00
*Minimum average annual savings in the first year will be less the cost of the initial membership fee.